The American Eskimo Dog, often referred to as an "Eskie", is a very intelligent, affectionate, loyal, and devoted dog. Eskies are an all white, long-haired, double-coated breed with an absolutely striking appearance. However, it is important to maintain their natural beauty with routine care and grooming. It is very easy to understand how this breed has also been nicknamed "The Dog Beautiful".

      The Eskie insists upon being an integral part of the family. This is not the breed for persons looking for a dog that will live outside with minimal human interaction. Eskies require proper socialization with other dogs as well as interaction with humans outside of their own family unit.

      While their high level of intelligence makes training extremely easy, it also provides the Eskie with an elevated sense of curiosity and a certain level of independence. Eskies have an uncanny ability to reason and problem solve. Their personalities and intellect are at times almost human-like.

      It is important to teach your Eskie the rules of the household from the very first day. With consistent enforcement of the rules, your Eskie will very quickly learn what is or is not allowed. This means that ALL family members, including small children, must stick to the rules and maintain consistency in training. Remember, positive reinforcement of good behavior is extremely important since Eskies love to please their owners.

      Eskies are, by nature, pack animals and will sometimes relate to smaller children in the household as litter mates instead of relating to them as "alpha" humans. This can cause problems later on as the puppy matures into adolescence and becomes larger and stronger. This potentially severe situation can be made even worse if children are allowed to roughhouse with the puppy, since this behavior will teach the Eskie aggression. This causes some breeders to become hesitant to place Eskie puppies into homes with small or ill-behaved children. However, with proper and consistent socialization and training, an Eskie can be taught to respect even small children as "alphas". The key here is proper and consistent training. It is for this reason that Eros American Eskimos insists new puppy owners attend a puppy kindergarten class with their new Eskie. Such classes will provide wonderful opportunities for the puppy to become socialized with other dogs and other humans, but perhaps more importantly; it will teach the owners how to properly train their new family member.

      Eskies are very alert animals with a natural instinct to warn the family of any intruders coming into their territory. Eskies are not aggressive in nature, but they can become overprotective of their family and territory if not properly socialized and trained.

      The American Eskimo Dog is, overall, an absolutely wonderful companion dog that will provide many years of devoted, unconditional love and affection.

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