Anna got her first American Eskimo Dog in 1988 and originally purchased her ("Cleo") from a pet store as a family pet. This, of course, was before she knew that buying from a pet store is NOT the smart thing to do. She quickly registered Cleo with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and also subscribed to the UKCís magazine Bloodlines. With each issue of the UKCís Bloodlines Magazine, she would examine with curiosity the pictures of Eskies that had won at various dog shows throughout the country. Curiosity eventually got the best of her and she decided to check out what this conformation showing was all about. She attended a UKC dog show near her home in Pennsylvania as an observer, she watched and learned as exhibitors proudly displayed their Eskies for the judges, and she was hooked. Thinking ďI can do this!Ē she entered the next UKC show in her area and proudly showed her Eskie to the world. Even though she only got second place in her class out of only two entries, she was determined to do whatever it took to become successful in this new found sport. Win or lose, she quickly realized how much fun showing can be! Eventually, Anna contacted a reputable breeder for a "real" show dog and her love of showing took off from there.

      Morey was introduced to the American Eskimo Dog in 1994 by a co-worker who had recently become bitten by the show bug and was, as most of us become, obsessed with showing his Eskies. All it took was a few minutes with this fantastic breed and Morey was hooked. It was that very day that Morey was put in contact with a reputable breeder for a show-quality dog and a week later, he had his first show dog. Morey entered his Eskie as a Novice Puppy a few months later and the hook was set! Another obsessed show person was born.

     We met while showing dogs. In fact, in 1996, Anna had the #1 American Eskimo Dog ("River") and Morey was showing the #4 Eskie ("Drifter"). The competition between us was often intense, but as with most Eskie show people, the competition ended when we stepped out of the ring. A friendship developed that eventually led to a more serious relationship. Anna and Morey began sharing their lives and love for Eskies in 1997 at which time they established "Eros American Eskimos".

      We actively participate in dog shows in both the UKC and AKC show circuits and exhibit, on average, at over 30 dog shows a year. We are also both licensed UKC All-Breed Conformation Judges.

      Eros American Eskimos enjoys a very successful show record and works hard to keep a healthy American Eskimo breeding program. We take the responsibility of breeding very seriously. Our selective breeding program is based upon careful research involving several generations of each sire and dam, with improvement of the breed utmost in making our decisions. It is our belief that truly well-bred dogs must not only look beautiful, but must also be able to conform to the established breed standards and be of sound temperament. Eros American Eskimos operates with the highest ethical and moral standards. Each puppy is raised with loving care in our home to ensure proper socialization. Genetic health testing and DNA profiling is paramount in our breeding program.

      Our love for animals is not just limited to the Eskie. We are also proudly owned by a Pomeranian, a beagle-collie mix (rescued), three loving house cats (rescued), and three horses!

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Anna & Morey Baughn
Dillwyn, VA

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